Year 7 Distance Learning Section

A 30-question Quiz using Kahoot that will cover the following areas:

NOTE: Each Kahoot quiz can be attempted 100 times. If the quiz has reached the limit and you cannot proceed, click on an alternative link below (numbered 16 – 21).

Computer Systems: Use of Computers in Different Areas; Types of Computers; Input, Storage and Output Devices; Alternative Input and Output Devices; Hardware & Software; Biometrics.

Videos: Charles Babbage & Ada Lovelace; Computers During WW2; Robots; Women and Computers; The Internet.

Another year 7 quiz covering almost all topics found in ‘Computer Systems‘  

A revision quiz for Year 7 on the topic of ‘Basic Skills’. 

Important Note: Please note that content that was not covered in ‘Coursework 1- Basic Skills’ can be issued in the summative exam.

A quiz to introduce Robotics/Coding focusing on the types of robots, flowcharts, sensors, programming concepts, debugging, the Sphero interface and the video on robots from the video list.