All C3 Syllabi Published

Dear All, Today we have uploaded the new syllabi for year 7,8,9.10 and a draft of 11 on the new website the Heads of Department will also be working to upload all the videos for every year as the video list has been revised and will be released for all years from Year 7 to Year 11.

The video list will see drastic changes especially in year 7 and year 8.

Please note

Schools which started ICT C3 in scholastic Year 2018/2019 will both be doing Basic Skills as Coursework 1 in year 7 and Year 8. This is due that animation and sound which was previously in Year 7 has now been split and animation has moved to year 8 and sound to year 10. Hence students which have already done the animation coursework in year 7 will now do the Basic Skills module currently present in Year 7.

Schools which will be starting C3 for the first year in scholastic year 2019/2020 can follow the syllabi as they are on the website.

By scholastic year 2020/2021 all schools in Malta and Gozo will be following the same standard syllabus as present in the syllabus section of this website.